Tremayne Sullivan (Trey) found a deep passion for art in all forms while living abroad in Europe for two years, and he wanted to exploit that passion as much as possible. He currently works and lives all over the world gathering knowledge and inspiration everywhere he goes. Always infatuated with photography and creating, in his youth, he started a YouTube channel which has hundreds of thousands of subscribers; he’s worked with some of the best in the YouTube media industry. He says, “I’m taking the experiences of travel to open my eyes to the beautiful people, places, and lifestyles there are in this world. WEARABLE PHOTOGRAPHY is my way of showing that with a burning desire, anything is possible - I want to show the world, people who have no idea about the magical places there are in the world what’s out here. This is something I’m highly passionate about, so it means a lot to me. If I can inspire and move people at the same time, I’ve done my roll as a human being.” His love for capturing beautiful raw moments, is leading him down a path to present his visions to the world and bringing those around him up too.





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